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Pet Portrait Deposit

£20.00 - Sold out

This listing is a £20 deposit to secure a commission for a pet portrait, the amount will come off your final payment. Once your slot is secured I will need you to email your photos and ideas to me at [email protected]

My painting can only reach the standard of reference photo I receive from you. If your photos aren’t great and you can’t get more do not despair, I can usually create something with most photos provided to me but please be aware that your expectations should be managed accordingly.
I need photos to be
In focus/well lit and high resolution - if you want the painting to be detailed I must be able to see this detail clearly in the photo
Nicely posed with nothing cropped - I prefer for a selection of photos to be sent over so I can see which I think is most suitable but I pick one photo to solely work from and do not pick and choose features from each.
I look forward to hearing your ideas!

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